Feb 2017: Race Rules - World Cup discussion

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Feb 2017: Race Rules - World Cup discussion

Postby intraftfed » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:13 am

1. Objectives:

The very first point I'd like to make is that the IRF does NOT need another event that is only for our top teams. Already our Euro members are seeking to reduce the number of World and Euro Champs events their teams have to attend each year. Making the "World Cup" another one would be ridiculous, unsustainable and a total waste of our time.

The second point is that the IRF DOES need an international event aimed at all the other teams around the world that do not attend WRC or ERC. For the first time this year we are looking at having 4 World Cup events in 4 different regions - let's not kill this growth!

These are the two points that must shape the choices we make about the "World Cup" series.
2. Name

Some people feel that our 'World Cup" events do not fit in with the international expectations of what "World Cup" means.

The dictionary definition of a World Cup is: "an international competition held between national teams in various sports"

This is a little ambiguous, but if we take it that "national teams" means the team that is representing the nation, then, yes, our definition does not fit in with "World Cup" and so we should look for a more suitable name.

It is very important for the organisers of these events and teams attending, to have the word "World" in it so that they can entice sponsors. The name needs to have enough weight for this or it will not work.

As this event is aimed at all teams/ clubs and not really at nations (you could have many teams from one nation attending). So maybe we should look at something like "Rafting Club World Series" or just "World Rafting Series", or "World Club Rafting Series", or .... any ideas?

The IRF's present "World Cup series" definitions and points can be read here:

3. B or C level event?

The next key thing to decide is whether it is a B or C level event.

If it is going to be a B level event then we need to add "(except World series events)" in many places as rules are more complex for A and B level events. My suggestion is we make it a C-level event as this is the level of competition organisation that it is aimed at now.

I don't see any specific advantage of it being labelled a B level event, other than B sounds better than C!

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Re: Feb 2017: Race Rules - World Cup discussion

Postby stan » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:45 am

I think the World Cup Series race should be counts in level " C ".
Leve l A and B are for Championships only.

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